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Scott Coran


Senior Designer With Deep Global Experience In
Art Direction, Management, 
Graphic Design, Illustration,
Layout, Typography and Color Theory








•      Lead Visual Designer and International Graphics Expert at all levels of the production process

•      Creative Liaison to Executive Marketing Directors, R&D, Brand, Legal, QA and Account Supervisors

•      Leverage expertise with procedures, requirements, and quality assurance systems to ensure all deliverables
                are fully compliant and free of errors

•      Assessment of the scope of each project, and work with team members and project management,
                to create plans, and securing all necessary sources

•      Manage multiple concurrent deadlines by accessing multi-department resources in diverse environments

•      Production Administration for teams numbering over 100 members

•      Supervised retail and studio design, signage, displays, POP, market presence

•      Audit, proof and inspect artwork created to ensure industry criteria 

•      Alignment of objectives to support database driven production 

•      Monitor, evaluate, and recommend improvements to Graphic processes, quality, systems, and policies

•      Foster an environment of multidisciplinary collaboration and creative problem-solving

•      Ability to be innovative, resourceful, and work with minimal direction

•      Strong international knowledge of FDA, GS1, and GHS guidelines in heavily regulated industries

•      Experience with licensed style guides



•      From Concept to Production: Design and produce a wide range of pixel-perfect designs in both print and digital,                          including Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Labeling/Packaging, Social Media, website graphics

•      Mass Electronic Delivery, website graphics 

•      Expert of Graphic File Types, File Sizes, Image Resolution, and Color Palettes





•      File preparation: Print, Web, Offset, Flexography, Film, Press Checks

•      Color Correction, Image Editing, Manipulation, Photo Retouching, Compositing and Restoration

•      Design then manage through workflow: Development > Quality Assurance > User Test > Production

•      Proficient Knowledge of Database Management Systems





•      Created strategic vision and balance needed to administrate territory growth and development.

•      Directed marketing, advertising, media, pricing for profit, calendar, and resources. 

•      Charged to revitalize market presence: Client base up 35%.  Revenues up 25% resulting in $500K rise 

•      Drove territory to 300+ accounts, (33% client increase). Triggering profit increase to 30% annually.

•      Devised a thorough marketing program to increase market share. 

•      Produced product releases, scheduled and directed demonstrations













OWNER/DIRECTOR | CORAN VISUAL INC. |  Valencia, California                                                           2000 -Current

A dynamic Los Angeles Consulting, Art and Design Studio, creating visual designs that build graphic experiences for people, brands and events. Building solid branding and dynamic marketing, that produce long-lasting, goal oriented images that insure success. An ambitious leader in the Advertising, Marketing, Identification, and Biomedical industries.



•      Clients include:
                 Sun Country Airlines, IBM, Cargill, 3M, RBC, Wells Fargo, Allina, Ford, Jaguar, YWCA,

                 Saks Fifth Avenue, Mercedes Benz, US Bank, GM, Best Buy, Lexus, Mayo Clinic,
                 BMW, Betty Ford Foundation, University of Minnesota, Volkswagen, Ben & Jerry's, Jaguar, 
                 Ben & Jerry's, General Motors, Select Comfort, Whirlpool, Best Buy, 

                 PGA, Chrysler, Porsche, Marriott, Aveda, Thomson Reuters, Macy’s, St. Jude Medical

•      Full spectrum pixel perfect designs with global experience providing content, creation,
                 (print, digital, web), layout and project scope direction 

•      3,500+ designs gone to press and 20,000,000+ images are produced annually.

•      Lead coordinator involved in the design and process involving marketing, communications,
                 packaging, labeling, regulatory, manufacturing 

•      Provide cross-disciplines teams expert instruction in focusing on improvement of design,
                 work path, cost reduction, cycle time, and client satisfaction

•      State of Minnesota Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator Instructor




•       Final Visual Design Department leader domestically, during transition to a functioning Asian operation

•       Compiled and analyzed financial information from different international resources, schemas, and databases, into                 different graphic formats using xPresso, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, PowerPoint, Keynote, Word,                       and Excel

•       Owned the design, development and final version of the documents that communicate key concepts 

•       Edit and update SOPs, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Fund, Annuities, and Investment Reports

•       Created monthly/annual reports, single-sheet handout records, closed terminated records, created chart graphics.                       (Bar, Pie, Column, Line, Area and Scatter), and generate white paper reports, tables charts into rich interactive                       graphics and data visualizations of large structured data in friendly formats

•       Ensure that the final documents meet all corporate style sheets and adhere to international formats

•       Migrated final documents from Development to Content Writers, Quality Assurance, to Legal, to Publishers, with                           each step being signed off from me.

•       Updated documents with the newest data through real-time alerts 


Responsible for the maintenance of regulatory compliant, competitive, and current core labeling
documents for assigned marketed products throughout the product lifecycle in global accordance

Work in close collaboration with Marketing, Quality, Regulatory, Operations, and Development Groups to
ensure that core labeling documents are aligned with the company’s position on the product’s profile and are
in accordance with international labeling rules and regulations. Provide strategic regulatory labeling input.


•       Lead Resource in the preparation of all core labeling, IFU, Guides, updates for all products.

•       Take the design process from initial concept through preparing files for printing and production

•       Maintain Regulatory Compliancy, which observe US and International Labeling rules and regulations

•       Ensure adequate reflection of key regional input (e.g. EU, US) when revising the labeling documents

•       Contribute to the creation of documents supporting changes to the labeling documents with internal
                 and/or external experts, including the preparation of responses to labeling-related queries

•       Present and defend proposed changes to global core labeling documents, including labeling
                 documents in key markets, for review and audits. 

•       Establish that key country label proposals that deviate from Country's (e.g. EU, US) Regulations
                 are brought to the attention of the Regulatory Affairs and Management Groups, together with rationale.

•       Ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory, legal, Quality Management Systems and requirements


On-site Medical Device Labeling Development Expert, for the Graphic Design, Production and Implementation
of Global UDI (Unique Device Identification) readiness, and to make the necessary adjustments to achieve
compliance across their enterprise and be prepared for ensuing phases of the new International regulations.



•       Design Product Labels, Packaging, Shipping Identification, Operator Manuals, Instructions For Use,
                 Direction Inserts, Patient Guides and Procedures, for FDA submission, and Audits.

•       Guarantee timely approval for market release and in accordance with Global Laws and Governing Boards.

•       Guidance and review of product labeling, change control and other related product documentation.

•       Recommend modification to internal guidelines, work instructions, procedures. 

•       Share knowledge of developments, changes to applicable laws, and industry regulations



Develop and execute essential core product labeling for device identification, traceability to set the direction of a consistent look and feel to maximize brand manifestation. Methodize QMS, PDP, ERP and PLM databases.




•       Create and standardize digital, on-line production, and pre-printed labeling solutions for medical devices

•       Ensure labels are satisfied to Global Regulatory, Legal, Clinical, R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing and 

                 Marketing requirements. Including: FDA, EU/EMA, UDI, GHS, ISO, GS1, MDR and from compliance regulators

•       Perform Content Creation and Audits, Redlining, Proofing, BOM/Router changes and Approval of artwork 

•       Strengthen Label Development Process: Appearance, Readability Editing for consistency, style, and format

•       Participate in strategic team meetings to align business objectives, priorities, risks, and process improvement 

•       Participate in labeling strategy, to modularize content, emphasizing symbols to maximize label real estate

•       Determine symbology graphics for International requirements, to ensure global approval and implementation


GLOBAL LABELING GRAPHIC IT ANALYST III | 3M | BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION | St. Paul, MN           2014-15                                                      

Lead Integrating Designer for the new global enterprise label software system. Design, test and document business essentials. Create guidelines, instructions, and procedures that support development and implementation.




•       International Consultant of label printing through hardware configuration.

•       Create consistent and reliable identification of 3M products. 

•       Enhanced brand awareness, brand equity, providing stronger global 3M presence

•       International Security Access: Permissions/Rules/Roles/Users/Groups




•       Deployment Coach Coordination of Label Template/UI promotion
•       Confirmation of Templates and Data Perform User Acceptance Tests and Publish Results
•       Quality Assurance Testing Site User Acceptance Testing and Software Upgrades
•       Label Rationalization (Future Requirements) Current and Future State Labeling Footprint Map                                                          



•       Architectural Imagination, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts                                                                          
•       Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Bachelor of Fine Art, Achievement Honors

•       Master Level Training: Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Acrobat Pro

•       Advanced Level Training Software Techniques, Photography, Typography and Color Theory

•      Advertising                       

•      Promotions                      

•      Logos                     

•      Posters                          

•      Signage

•      Marketing

•      Branding

•      Trade Show Graphics

•      Medical Device Labeling

•      Instructions for Use                        

•      Single Sheet Handouts                

•      Manuals                         
•      Procedure White Papers

•      Certificates

•      Point-of-Purchase Elements

•      Web Graphics

•      InfoGraphics                     

•      Greeting/Gift Cards                       

•      Catalogs

•      Single Sheet Handouts                

•      Clothing             

•      Brochures

•      Announcements

•      Point-of-Purchase Elements

•       Quality                            
•       Handling                                         •       Inventory                           


•      Identification                            
•      Traceability                                    •      Packaging                           

•      GHS  Labeling                          
•      Hazardous                                   
•      Transport/Shipment                           

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